I am really impressed with your organizations teaching method and approach. Its a vey good initiative for Bangladeshi people who have limited options to read and learn Arabic . It is my great pleasure to thank my teacher who patiently listens to me and corrects me in addition to teaching me in other areas(different Surah) as well.

Best regards Maruf

Melbourne, Australia

I really like the online Quran classes for my children. Our teacher is very patient and firm with my children Alhamdulillah, which makes the children take him serious and learn so fast and easily.



My boys have been having lessons for the past 3 months. They already knew some of the basics before they started. They have made significant progress since starting online and have improved their tajweed which was most important to me. My older son is also memorizing surahs and they enjoy learning Duas and hadiths as well. I am very happy with the teacher and they have a good relationship with her.



MashaAllah Best Quran Classes!! It’s very difficult to find so professional and worthy online Quran Learning. The teacher Masha Allah is extremely polite and punctual. Never missed a class and my kids are very comfortable learning with her. Also, they have made a good progress just in a months time Alhumdullilah!! I highly recommend…



As a Muslim in exile, I was worried about my children reading the Qur’an. I really like the way Arabic is taught in such a beautiful and easy way from Bangladesh. I sincerely wish my Bengali brothers, because of their efforts, my children can easily learn Arabic as well as all the prayers including Masnoon Doa while sitting at home. I wish success to this organization.

Marjia Akter

From Australia.

Assalamu alaikum, I am using Learn Quran Online Bd platform to learn Quran recitation appropriately. The service is flexible, accommodating and very comfortable. The tutors try their level best to teach Sunnahs, Farziyat, Dua of eating, drinking, traveling etc. All in all, Learn Quran Online Bd is very good distant learning platform to learn Quran recitation accurately.  


From Us

Assalamualikum, I would like to express my gratefulness for teaching me the Quran in simple and easy way through online. I have also learned real accent of Arabic with pleasure. Best Regards

Md.Selim Reza

from Toronto, Canada

Asalamualikum, I would like to thanks for teaching me the Quran. It is a great pleasure for me to learn the Quran in simple and easy way through online. It is really appreciated to take this innovative idea for Quran teaching.

Best regards Khadija Khanam

from Toronto, Canada

Assalamu Alaikum, I would like to say excellent service and wonderful Quran learning plat form for all levels of students. Certainly, full satisfaction on about Quran classes and flexible class schedule. Experienced teachers with a great level of teaching skills and patience make my Quran learning easier. May Allah(SWT) accept their great efforts. Thanks a lot.

Md. Shahidul Islam

From Sweden